Thursday, July 24, 2014

Real Life Exam

We may copy answers to final examinations of a subject at college... and pass and graduate (may be without really knowing anything in real sense).
But we cannot copy any answers of anyone to the real examinations of our lives... which require real understandings in all aspects of our beings.....

The more stubborn we are as to learning and knowing, the more failures we encounters in real life exams which we cannot really copy any answers from anyone. That is why an honoured student might fail the life exam again and again until he/she learns what is needed to pass the test of life.

Education is a foundation on how to think... is a good thing, and is useful... but how the ability to think developed through education enhances and enriches one's life is entirely up to the individual and his wisdom and understanding.

Learn and grow... and do not copy, be who we are and do what we are meant to do and be, ... as we all get different papers in life.

- Dr. Donn Pjongluck

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